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UPDATE:  Winner Exploration Packages Are In The Mail!!!

NASA Langley Centennial Art Contest Award Winners should be receiving their Exploration Package shortly.

The picture above shows everything that is included in the package.

Thank you again to everyone who participated, and we look forward to seeing your submissions in our next Art Contest.

Announcing the Grand Prize Winner

We received over 3,700 votes from 43 states and the District of Columbia.

Thank you to all the participants and those who voted, and congratulations to the winners!


6th Grader Apoorva Panidapu from Evergreen, California is the 2017 Grand Prize Winner.



8th Grader Alaura Knoop from Virginia Beach, Virginia is the 2017 Grand Prize Runner-Up.


Winners of the NASA Langley Research Center Centennial Student Art Contest


View winning artwork here

NASA Langley would like to congratulate the following students for earning recognition in the Centennial Art Contest.



1st Place- Arihanth Prabudoss

2nd Place-  Jacob Krajeck

3rd Place- Aleena Jaffar

Honorable Mention

Aarit Mukherjee

Weston Meissl

Charlotte Caraway

Sonya Kazaryan

1st Grade

1st Place- Gordan Balic

2nd Place- Kelvin Huang

3rd Place-Joshua Garcia

Honorable Mention

Neela Napier

Grace Topping

Viraj Shah

2nd Grade

1st Place- Hana Suriyathep

2nd Place- Hyunsu Park

3rd Place- Surin Lim

Honorable Mention

Rishab Alagharu

Tvisha Nagar

3rd Grade

1st Place- Brandon Suriyathep

2nd Place- Azan Nazir

3rd Place- Safiyya Mohammed

Honorable Mention

Eli Casey

Tristan Chan

4th Grade

1st Place- Ariel Hami

2nd Place- Kara Kwon

3rd Place- Ruhee Hegde

Honorable Mention

Alexa Priest

Jack Darnell

Luke Dorazio

Zain Jaffar

Ari Towles

5th Grade

1st Place- Siyun Kim

2nd Place- Ruel Lee

3rd Place- Nabeeha Mohammed

Honorable Mention

Andy Baek

Eric Kim

Khaliyah Brown

Riya Shah

6th Grade

1st Place- Apoorva Panidapu

2nd Place- Katie Robinson

3rd Place- Mabia Sikder

Honorable Mention

Gabreyela Gonzalez

Ryan Oh

7th Grade

1st Place- Cameron Somers

2nd Place- Nadia Choi

3rd Place- Ari Fo

Honorable Mention

Jessica Lee

Graham Fitzwater

Richard Lin

Daisy Vang

8th Grade

1st Place- Alaura Knoop

2nd Place- Julia Samson

3rd Place- Allison Kwon

Honorable Mention

McKenzie Meyer

Isabelle Autore

9th Grade

1st Place- Ivana Bobadilla

2nd Place- Emma Bustetter

3rd Place- Raveera Toqeer

Honorable Mention

Caroline Way

Ivan Altunin

Ingrid Altunin

10th Grade

1st Place-Fiona Hsu

2nd Place-Haley Hudgins

3rd Place- Gabriella Delacruz

Honorable Mention

Paige Scott

Jennifer Lin

Christian Marquardt

11th Grade

1st Place-Yage Pi

2nd Place-Rose Wen

3rd Place-Kara Chen

Honorable Mention

Charlotte Long

Caecie DeBlaere

Faith Cook

Miguel A Molina

12th Grade

1st Place-Jennifer Deluna

2nd Place-Grace Scigaj

3rd Place-Jordyn Walker and Kealee Jackson

Honorable Mention

Michelle Cho

Devon Trepp

Each piece of artwork provided a unique perspective on the theme, “A Storied Legacy, A Soaring Future”.  

The talents of our next generation inspire and encourage us.  We love seeing their imaginations fly!

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