NASA Langley Research Center’s Centennial Student Art Contest

The Next 100 Years



Contest Invitation

NASA Langley Research Center’s Office of Strategic Analysis, Communication and Business Development is inviting children grades K-12 to use their talents, imagination, and knowledge of NASA to create original artwork for NASA Langley Research Center’s Art Contest entitled, The Next 100 Years. This Art Contest is intended to illustrate how NASA research and innovation is propelling science forward to new discoveries; and to highlight how NASA discoveries help build a better world, one full of new opportunities, technologies, and ways to understand ourselves and protect and conserve our home planet, Earth.

Contest Theme and Inspiration

Air travel, spaceflight, robotic solar-system missions: science fiction to those alive at the turn of the 20th century became science fact to those living in the 21st. America’s aerospace future has been literally made at NASA’s Langley Research Center by the best and brightest the U.S. can offer. After a century of ingenuity and invention, what will come next? Using the theme, The Next 100 Years, illustrate your vision of the future in Aeronautics, Exploration and Earth Science. The following NASA Langley focus areas may provide some additional inspiration:

Stephen Provost with the Boeing BWD model being prepared for testing.

  • Aeronautics:
    • (1) aeronautic contributions related to civil; commercial, and military aircraft;
    • (2) futuristic air vehicle concepts and design;
    • (3) environmentally responsible aircraft and operations that reduce emissions and noise while boosting fuel economy; or
    • (4) improved air traffic management and safety.


Orion Water Test Drop 08/24/16 NASA Langley Research Center

  • Exploration:
  • (1) development of new spacecraft and rocket concepts and design;
  • (2) robotic missions to scout new destinations for future human exploration;
  • (3) plans that support commercial crew transportation; or
  • (4) extended stay missions to other celestial bodies.



  • Earth Science:
  • (1) improved understanding of the nature and effects of climate change;
  • (2) instruments and spacecraft to investigate our atmosphere;
  • (3) technologies and tools to increase knowledge about Earth and its systems;
  • (4) flight missions that discover particles in the air and how they travel around the globe.


Contest Deadline

The Art Contest submission period begins December 1, 2017 and concludes on December 31, 2017 at midnight EST. We are asking schools, organizations, and community groups to encourage parents to submit one entry per student. A grand-prize winner will be selected from all entries and a first place, second place, third place, and honorable mention winner will be selected for each grade level. 


For additional information or questions, please email

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