2021 Art Contest


NASA Langley Research Center’s 2021 Student Art Contest

Virtually Everywhere


Contest Invitation

NASA’s influence and technology are virtually everywhere. Whether it’s land, air or space “ NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia is inviting students grades K-12 to creatively visualize NASA’s science, technology and human exploration activities in the 2021 NASA Art Contest, using the theme “Virtually Everywhere.” The contest is open to all children grades K-12 attending public, private, parochial and homeschools who are residents of the United States and children grades K-12 of U.S. military members stationed overseas.

Contest Theme and Inspiration

The Art Contest submission period begins Dec. 1, 2020  and concludes on Dec. 31, 2020 at midnight EST. 

As NASA is focused on going back to the Moon, Langley is a key contributor to the agency’s space exploration missions, including Artemis. The center is contributing to NASA’s lunar spaceflight efforts, including developing and analyzing systems, concepts and architectures for Moon to Mars missions, radiation protection, in-space assembly structures and materials, and testing entry, descent and landing technologies.  

The following NASA Langley focus areas may provide some additional inspiration: 

    Stephen Provost with the Boeing BWD model being prepared for testing.

  • Explore Flight:
    • – Enable On-Demand Mobility through integration of vehicle and autonomous systems that are certifiable and improve airspace operations and safety
      – Improve commercial air transport markets through integration and maturation of key aviation and convergent technologies and experimental flight demonstrations.



  • Explore Earth:
  • – Quantify Earth’s atmospheric composition and radiation budget through research, technology development, flight instrument development, and measurements
    – Develop and deploy lidar remote sensing techniques to precisely capture regional and global
    measurements that aid in science community studies of winds, CO2, clouds, aerosols, and other key atmospheric processes


    Orion Water Test Drop 08/24/16 NASA Langley Research Center

  • Explore Moon to Mars:
  • – Design, develop, and demonstrate entry, descent and landing (EDL) systems to enable robotic and human space exploration missions
    – Design, develop, and demonstrate advanced space structures for long-duration deep space human space missions
    – Design, develop, and demonstrate concepts and technologies for autonomous in-space assembly of space structures


Contest Deadline

The Art Contest submission period begins December 1, 2020 and concludes on December 31, 2020 at midnight EST.

We are asking schools, organizations, and community groups to encourage parents to submit one entry per student.

A grand-prize winner will be selected from all entries and a first place, second place, third place, and honorable mention winner will be selected for each grade level.


For additional information or questions, please email larc-art-contest@mail.nasa.gov.

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