We Are Going

Announcing the grand prize winner, chosen by the employees of NASA Langley Research Center.

Learn more about the winner here: https://nasa.gov/feature/langley/new-jersey-student-takes-grand-prize-in-nasa-langley-2020-art-contest

Announcing the winners of the 2020 NASA Student Art Contest!

This year, we received a record 1,277 entries from students across the country. These students, part of the Artemis generation, depicted the theme “We Are Going” with insightful compositions and beautiful creativity. Each piece is wonderfully imaginative, and each student, from Kindergarten to 12th grade, used their incredible talents to showcase their interpretation of the theme. Here are the winners from this year’s contest:


More Information On This Year’s Theme

NASA is going forward to the Moon in 2024, as part of a larger effort to land humans on Mars and beyond. “We Are Going” has become the agency’s mantra as engineers, researchers, and scientists work to develop and refine the technologies that will allow us to maintain a sustainable lunar presence and learn to live and work in space. “We Are Going” provides the imperative for landing the first woman and next man on the Moon and inspiring the Artemis generation.

NASA Langley is a leader in more than just space technology. The center also focuses on aeronautics and earth science that makes a difference in the lives of Americans every day.
For more information, visit www.nasa.gov/Langley.

For more information on the Artemis program, visit www.nasa.gov/Artemis.


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