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The Future of Flight Art Contest


Note to prospective contestants:

Unfortunately, we have no funding for a 2012 spring semester art contest.
If we are able to run a contest in the fall, we will post the information at
that time.

Thank you for your interest.




Congratulations Winners!

Art Contest Winners

First Place

Name: Nathan Leber
School: Arizona State University
Title: MARS Modular Accelerated Research Shuttle
Category: Digital
Country: United States

Second Place - Tie

Name: Ben Koses
School: West Springfield High School
Title: The Science of Love
Category: Literature
Country: United States

Name: Nicholas Clawson
School: Sehome High School
Title: Navigating the Final Frontier
Category: Video
Country: United States

Third Place - Tie

Name: Henry Lee
School: Torrey Pines High School
Title: VXS-022 Manta
Category: 3D
Country: United States

Name: Brandon Cook
School: Advanced Technology Center-High School, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Title: Station 25 NOVA
Category: Video
Country: United States

Honorable Mention

Name: Yaejin Jeon
School: Busan High School of Arts
Level: High School
Title: New Sports Spacecraft
Category: 2D
Country: South Korea

Name: Natalie Zhang
School: Mills High School
Level: High School
Title: A Piece of Home Wherever You Go
Category: Digital
Country: United States

Name: Woo Jin Joo
School: Global Christian School
Level: High School
Title: A Mini Spacecraft
Category: Video
Country: South Korea

Name: Jonathan Bai
School: YongSan International School of Seoul
Level: High School
Title: The Living Transformer
Category: 2D
Country: South Korea

Name: Joseph Alvernaz
School: Cal Poly
Level: College
Title: Shuttle For A Sojourn Among The Stars
Category: 2D
Country: United States


Future of Flight Art Contest Summary

In 1903, Orville and Wilbur Wright began what has become a ubiquitous form of transportation for developed nations all over the world.  More than one hundred years later, their small open cabin wooden plane has been transformed into designs with capabilities no one could have predicted.  And little could the Wright’s imagine what space ships have developed over the past 60 years.  What is next?  Can you imagine what space ships, rockets, or aircraft will look like one hundred years from now?  Where will they go and who or what will they carry?   Jules Verne imagined men on the moon almost one hundred years before it became reality.  What do you imagine for the future of flight, either in space or in Earth’s atmosphere?   Submit your best ideas before the due date of April 15, 2011.    All entries will be submitted digitally, instructions on how to submit will be posted before December 1, 2010.

space flight poster image
Download Flight Contest Poster

2010 -2011 Academic Year

Submit art to represent future of flight, on Earth or in Space.

High School and College students, US and international

Prizes and exhibit opportunities

2010 - 2011 Contest at a Glance:

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration invites high school and college students from all areas of study to enter, including the arts, industrial design, architecture, computer design, and the fine arts. Students are asked to submit their work on the theme:  Future of Flight. Artists are encouraged to collaborate with science and engineering students. Any full time student can enter, regardless of major or area of study.

Entries will be accepted in four categories:  two-dimensional, three-dimensional, digital, literature (poetry and short stories) and video.  Entries will be evaluated on creativity, artistic qualities. Prizes include awards and exhibit opportunities. Entries are due no later than April 15, 2011.

  • We expect that winners will be announced in June of 2011.
  • All entries will initially be submitted digitally as 300 dpi jpeg images for traditional art and other file types for literature, music, and video.
  • An on-line gallery is planned for public viewing of the artwork.
  • Winners may be asked to ship their work to NASA for exhibit purposes.



Why is NASA sponsoring this contest?
It is our intention to provoke non-science and engineering students to think about the science and engineering required to achieve the future of flight both in space and on Earth.  It is also our intention to help the science and engineering communities appreciate valuable contributions from other communities, particularly the arts.   We hope to see outstanding student art work that will inspire this and future generations of explorers.

Please direct any questions to Dr. Elizabeth Ward at

For information about NASA research and exploration programs, visit:   





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possible supersonic craft

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BWB plane
low orbit plane

space plane


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